In my eyes, blogging has been overrated. Everybody wants to spill their thoughts onto a permanent printed format, with quite a bit of it, to be honest, being boring diary entries. I’ve toyed with the idea myself before, but never materialized. Not because I don’t have any thoughts to lay out, but because my brain thinks much faster than I can write or even type, and by the time I finish typing up the first point, two more have come and gone in my head.

So why am I actually doing this now?

My job, and hobby, requires a lot of work with computers. We don’t really have a very good knowledge base system in house, and I find that once in a while I come across an issue that I’ve solved before, but completely forgot how. I’ve decided to take matter into my own hands, and while I’m at it, I figured I’d help out others having similar issues.

This blog will probably veer off into other directions as well, but I will try to stay as close to techno babble as possible. So, without further ado…..