So you find yourself in a verbal confrontation with someone. Could be a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, roommate. Basically anyone who isn’t impartial to you. The tension rises. The accusations grow. Verbal diarrhea pokes its ugly head out.

Stop for just a second, and remember one thing.

This argument will eventually end, and followed by a bro hug/make-up sex, everything will go back to the way it was. Unless…

Logical accusations and demands are part of an argument. Sometimes they’re unfounded, other times they will lead to an improvement of a situation, maybe an apology. And no matter how much of your temper has evaporated, remember to keep it that way. Anything beyond that may and probably will be remembered long after the argument is over. Calling someone a name that may sound clever at the time will be carried for a long time. People say that words can hurt, and that’s because it’s true. However, sometimes you may be the one getting hurt by them. Depending on the personality you’re up against, it can come up next time you are at fault, and now all of a sudden you have to explain yourself or apologize for something that’s not even a part of that argument. And if you do have to use a word or a phrase, make sure you’re not being a hypocrite. Wouldn’t it suck when an argument is all of a sudden turned around and every little thing is mentioned that you’ve done wrong¬† that makes you a much better candidate for that word than the person you intended it for.

Oh, and whatever you do, never, ever, apply your anger to inanimate objects. If you end up breaking something of a sentimental value, no matter how forgiving the person is, it will forever stay in the back of their mind.

So when you lost your cool and feel like spilling everything you got on your mind, remember the golden rule. It will save your ass in the long run.

Things I shouldn’t have to say, but something tells me still deserve an honorable mention:

Don’t get physical. Seriously. I’m not even gonna mention a grocery list of reasons why it’s a bad idea.

Don’t get others involved. You don’t know for sure which side they’ll take, and won’t it suck when all of a sudden you’re outnumbered. And if you lose the argument, you’ll end up looking like ass to more than just one person.

Everything I’ve listed are the direct repercussions. There are many others, but they would fit in a post of their own.

So there you have it. Take it for what it is. A friendly advice.